Friday, August 9, 2013

The Dangers Of Drinking Soda, Energy Drinks, Coke Or Mineral Water

When ever you visit someones house the first thing they offer you is soda/mineral water. These drinks are harmful to your health and researhers have linked them to Kidney problems. These sugary drinks also contribute to diabetes/sugar disease. Every single person I know that has diabetes or kidney problems consumed these drinks daily. On top of soda some even consume beer and other alcoholic beverages which further strains your kidney. I was astonished on seeing the amount of sugar people put in tea and pap All of these take a toll on your body. Please live to eat not eat to live

Back to soda and energy drinks I have pointed out dangers and added credible articles below:

Type 2 Diabetes 
Owing to the presence of large amounts of sugar, soda pop beverages and energy drinks are capable of increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in individuals. Since obesity and diabetes are related to each other, obese people consuming soft drinks on a daily basis are susceptible to develop insulin resistance. When a can of soft drink is consumed, sugar is directly poured into the blood stream and the pancreas has to produce more insulin to metabolize the sugars. Long-term consumption reduces the insulin-producing capacity of the pancreas, thus disrupting the regulation of sugars in the body, ultimately leading to diabetes.

Kidney Problems
Studies suggest that consumption of soda pop also leads to the development of kidney problems like reduced kidney function and kidney stones. Researchers inferred that women who drank more than 2 cans of diet soda everyday had reduced kidney function over a time span of 20 years, which was thrice the rate of reduction in women who did not consume it. Formation of kidney stones is triggered by the depletion of calcium from bones, leading to the formation of calcium stones in the kidneys.


Cardiovascular Problems 
Obese and diabetic individuals who do not control the intake of soda pop are highly susceptible to develop cardiac problems like high blood pressure, arrhythmia s, and other vascular problems. Studies have also revealed that people who consumed only one can of diet soda per day had 20 percent increased risk of suffering a heart attack over a time span of 22 years. This shows that heart problems are not particular to sweeten or diet soda pop, and can occur with excessive intake of any of these.

Caffeine Addiction 
Caffeine, being a mild stimulant, brings about a feeling of well-being when consumed. Since it is a component of soda pop, people consume significant quantities of it when they drink 3-4 cans of the beverage every day. Daily consumption of soda develops into an addiction due to caffeine's mild addictive nature, and people start suffering from withdrawal symptoms like headache, irritation, etc., when the daily dose is not consumed. 

Occasional consumption of soda pop, in moderation, may not pose any health risk. However, the extent to which people have started consuming these beverages nowadays is a big reason to worry. Youngsters fall for soda pop due to its great taste, but unknowingly drag themselves towards several health problems. Awareness of these dangers must be spread to people all over, and sessions must be held to teach people how to stop drinking soda pop. Few measures like drinking water or other substitutes, like iced tea, juice or flavored water frequently, will curb the desire to drink soda pop and take a person towards the healthy path of life. 



  1. so what r u saying now to ur viewers; 1. should we stop drinking dem? 2. if u visit me make I giv u blood tonic???..