Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why A Rich Guy Can Not Find True Love

Through my journey of life i have learnt that money can't really buy love, all my reasons are based on statistics and heart breaking experiences
1. As a rich guy you get women who pretend around you a lot: you never get to meet them behind their beautiful shells, they try to compete for your attention, faking smiles and laughter, e.t.c 

2. They don't really care for you
 just lie to her one day that your business is going down, you took a loan from the bank , and you can't pay up, observe the way she will change overnight disregarding all you have done in the past. 
3. Women you get are mostly after what they want to get from you not what they want to impact in your life. it starts with s*x manipulation, before s*x you will see them making demands, sometimes its like you have to pay for their love and affection. Remember one of my friends, last week he was sick, the girlfriend came to take care of him, and she also took lots of money from him when she was going. 

4 . when you are not smart they cheat on you
 in worst cases, you will be the father Christmas, while she goes out flexing with other niggas, you foot the bills. Makes me wonder if the stingy person is good, while the person who is caring is the fool. 

5 . The love lasts as long as the money is there
 yes thats true even in marriage, just keep the money flowing if not. 


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